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I bought it for $230 and I knew that even if it needed work (which it didnt) it was well worth it for a puch. It ran about 40mph stock. Then I put a haigh compression 2 hp head on it. 1/12/293 = Maxi 1.5 HP main jet 60 1/12/309 = Maxi Luxe 1.5 HP main jet 48 1/12/321 = Sport MKII and Newport 1.5 HP main jet 50 1/12/160 = Maxi 2 HP main jet 64 1/12/307 = Maxi Luxe 2 HP main jet 58 1/12/314 = Sport MKII and Newport 2 HP main jet 56 1/12/318 = Magnum XK and MK II 1 HP main jet 50 1/12/317 = Magnum XK 1.5 HP main jet 50 1/12/323 1 HP-AII W 1 0 A (W 95 T 1) B-4H Champion L 90 Alu. chrome 1 ,5 HP-cylinder W 8 A (W 145 T 1) B-5HS L 88 A Hi torque 1 ,5 HP-cylinder W 7 A (W 175 T 1) 8-6 H or 8-6 HS L 86 2 HP-AII W 7 A (W 175 T 1 ) B-6 H or HS L 86 23 Complete Line of Puch moped parts. Download Free PDF Parts Catalogs.

Puch 1.5 hp moped

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This was posted not as a step by step how to, (even though it could be used for that) but mainly for the fun of it. Locking and unlocking your moped To lock, move handlebar to the right. Insert key into lock. Turn Have it cleaned at your Puch dealer 21 . 22 Cause 1 . Choke working all the time 2.

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275.00 Cash Dave 1978 Puch Newport (1.5 hp e-50),auto oil injection, 60cc Athena kit case matched, high compression head, Batavus headlight, bullet exhaust, 15mm Amal carb wi The Puch Maxi is a moped that was manufactured by the Austrian manufacturing company Puch through the 1970s and 1980s that is well known for its reliability, ease of maintenance, and fuel economy (up to 120 mpg). These mopeds gained wide acceptance during the 1973 oil crisis and are still widely available for aftermarkets, and mint examples are still valued by collectors today. MOPED SPARE PARTS MANUAL Includes Complete parts listings for engine, chassis, front fork, road wheels, Puch Puch RAL HAL Puch Pueh Puch 9006 3052 5051 8017 9005 9005 2056 6071 3058 T M M M (1,5 HP and 2 HP) PISTON compl. Ø38, sort.

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Puch 1.5 hp moped

I bought it for $230 and I knew that even if it needed work (which it didnt) it was well worth it for a puch. It ran about 40mph stock. Then I put a haigh compression 2 hp head on it. Övriga mopeder.

Puch 1.5 hp moped

1969. Mustang Mamba.
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$600 obo . Other Makes : Puch Maxi 1977 puch maxi moped scooter.

150 Curb weight:  Motorcyklar & Mopeder 1.5 DCI. 2013.
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These pictures of this page are  If it's 1.5hp, here's how to make it 2hp: Puch_horsepower_differences I would go look at them if they're local,  Mopeds & Scooters Puch Maxi 2-Speed Automatic 1980 Top End Bushing * Sears Free Spirit Model# 817-80850 w/1.5HP Motor 1978 Carburetor Assy. *. POLINI STYLE RED MOPED FENDER PUCH TOMOS PEUGEOT DERBI, style fender can be used for 16" and 17" mopeds, Manufactured by HP industries,  Not for the Puch moped, moped is for what they look like. 1978 PUCH MAXI Sport MKII (SOLD) $ 900.00 Motor: The 1.5hp (25mph) Puch ZA50 two speed  View online(30 pages) or download PDF(3.26 MB) Puch Mini Maxi Owner`s manual we at Puch know you will enjoy many miles of pleasurable Moped Riding.