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-Saskia Sassen, professor, Columbia University, New York, USA. Hon är författare till “The Global City”, “The Mobility of Labor and Capital”,  av T Johansson · 2000 — Thinking the city moves towards thinking the world (though Castells och Saskia Sassen visar i sina arbeten på hur metropolisen, den globala staden, fort-. The City as a field. 7.5. Course content Placing London: From Imperial Capital to Global City. New York & Oxford: Sassen, Saskia. 2005.

Saskia sassen the global city

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3 Sassen employed the term “global city” as early as 1984; Sassen (2004), 373.; 4 Sassen (1991), 5.; 5 As elucidated most fully by sociologist Saskia Sassen in 1991, the “global city” is not a historical model or understanding in the strict sense, but one that proceeds from the growing awareness of the increasingly complex economic present.3 In a multi-layered hypothesis, Sassen seeks —Saskia Sassen. CLOSE AD The global city is then also a frontier zone because it is where strategic spaces of power can be hacked— though they rarely are, which has always surprised me. This classic work chronicles how New York, London, and Tokyo became command centers for the global economy and in the process underwent a series of massive and parallel changes. What distinguishes Sassen's theoretical framework is the emphasis on the formation of cross-border dynamics through which these cities and the growing number of other global cities begin to form strategic transnational The Global City: Enabling Economic Intermediation and Bearing Its Costs.

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Saskia Sassen describes how the specialised capacities of cities feeding the global economy have been misunderstood and overlooked by the attention given   14 Jul 2016 For me a city…is a complex but incomplete system. And in that mixity of complexity and incompleteness lies the capacity of cities to have very  In the heart of centrality, this is, indeed, the subject of the book of Saskia Sassen.

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Saskia sassen the global city

in the global economy, according to Saskia Sassen, has on cities. differ from the one that town officials present through city marketing. Priemus, Musterd & van Kempen: Towards Undivided Cities in Western Europe. (Delft University Press Sassen, Saskia: TheGlobal City.

Saskia sassen the global city

Sassen aims to - unpack the concept of "the city" (p. xviii) - as a unit of analysis in sociology and economics from a global perspective. The scope of this endeavor is quite staggering and she has to bring an number of different fields under the same conceptual umbrella in order to capture the elusive character of 'the city'. The Global City: introducing a Concept SASKIA SASSEN Professor of Sociology University of Chicago EACH PHASE IN THE LONG history ofthe world economy raises specific questions about the particular conditions that make it possible. One ofthe key properties ofthe current phase is the ascendance of information technologies and the associated increase in the One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 1992.
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Saskia Sassen, professor of Sociology at Columbia University, has studied the impacts of globalization for 40 years and coined the term “global cities”. City Cultures Readeris an outstanding collection of 60 texts, focussing on the cultural aspects, frameworks and perceptions of cities.

From refugee camps to slums to housing crises in rich global cities, the message is clear: migration is a topic that architects must understand and respond to.
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Saskia Sassen. 3.70 · Rating details · 177 ratings · 8 reviews.